The Project is in the forested region of Guyana, approximately 150 km west of Georgetown. Sun and Sand has two Exploration Licenses Block-45 (50 Sq Km) and Block-46 (47 Sq Km). They are adjacent to each other in the Cuyuni Mazaruni area of Guyana.

The Project is located in north-western Guyana within the Guiana Shield. Guiana Shield is composed of alternating volcano-sedimentary belts and large granitoid batholiths of Paleo-Proterozoic age. These supracrustal rocks form the northern part of the Guiana Shield, which is the northern segment of the Amazonian Craton of South America, and a dismembered portion of the West African Craton. The West African Craton and parts of the Guiana Shield are well known for hosting gold deposits. Regional metamorphic grade is green schist facies and can reach the amphibolite facies in the vicinity of the granitoid intrusions.

The project is developed along the contact zone of Metavolcanic, metasediments and the intrusive. The Upper Puruni area is marked by sets of NW to WNW and NNW to N-S lineaments. The NW oriented features seem to constitute typical belt parallel shearing structures, following lithological contact zones and dominating the regional trend of the belt.

The license area has numerous occurrences of Alluvial gold which have been currently mined out by Alluvial mining methods and gravity processing.

Sun and sand has recently completed surface exploration, including airborne geophysics, geological mapping, geochemical prospecting and trail pitting. The Geochemical sampling includes a total of 1901 samples which include bedrock, soil and stream sediment samples. The results received till date are encouraging and suggest anomalous zone of potential primary mineralization, which is the target for IP survey and core drilling.

The license area falls in a regional shear zone, which hosts numerous producing and brown field gold projects.